Ideal equipment for heating and water supply systems

Shut-off manifolds are indispensable equipment for the installation and operation of heating and water supply systems. They allow you to regulate fluid flow, optimize temperature conditions and ensure reliable operation of the entire system. In the NIVA online store you will find manifolds of various diameters, made of strong and durable polypropylene. This material has high chemical resistance, is not subject to corrosion and provides excellent sealing of connections.

Collectors - widely used for heating systems, hot and cold water supply, as well as water heated floor systems. They are not only reliable and durable, but also easy to install. Thanks to their compact size and low weight, polypropylene manifolds are easy to install in any conditions.

Regulating manifolds allow you to achieve maximum efficiency of your heating or water supply system. They are equipped with control valves that allow you to adjust the required fluid flow in each individual line. This way, you can maintain a comfortable temperature and even distribution of heat or water throughout the room.

Purchasing polypropylene and control manifolds in the Niva online store is convenient, profitable and reliable. Here you will find only high-quality products from trusted manufacturers. We offer competitive prices and professional advice on choosing the right model.

Order shut-off, polypropylene and regulating manifolds in the Niva online store right now and receive reliable equipment for your project. Create comfort and savings with us!

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