Bathroom appliances and equipment. Correct selection and layout

Requirements for bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture should be selected taking into account the area and design style. You need to think about the location of cabinets and shelves, decide on the arrangement of necessary things and cabinets.

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Olga Kovalenko

Since 2010 I have been engaged in interior design and architectural design.

It is recommended to store in the bathroom only what is needed for water procedures, for washing, and cleaning.

Basic requirements for bathroom furniture:

  1. Water resistance. For the furnishings, items made from materials that do not deteriorate from exposure to moisture are suitable.

  1. Multifunctionality. Items should not only highlight the design, but also be always at hand.

  1. Ease of removing dirt, drops, stains. Bathroom furniture should have no protruding parts or cracks that become clogged with dust.

  1. Health safety. The materials from which the items are made must not emit any harmful substances.

  1. Ease of use. You cannot install pull-out furniture in narrow bathtubs.

  1. Practicality. Under floor furniture with legs, it is easy to clean and remove water. For the same purpose, it is advisable not to move objects close to the walls.

Bathroom furniture looks beautiful when combined with the overall style.

Installing a corner bath

Installation of corner structures is the most difficult to implement independently. Let's look at how to install a Cersanit corner bathtub on legs with your own hands:

  1. The old bathtub is dismantled and the installation site is thoroughly cleaned. It is important that the angle of the wall and floor is strictly 90 degrees;

    Removing an old bathroom

  2. Adjustable legs are installed on the lower part of the structure. To connect them, there are special fasteners on the inner bottom side of the bathtub;
  3. The legs are fastened with bolts and tightened together using studs and threaded connections. Afterwards they are set approximately according to the level;

    Attaching an acrylic corner bathtub to legs

  4. After this, the sewer and water supply are connected, a siphon and other parts of the plumbing system are installed;

    Installation of a corner bathtub with hydromassage

  5. The bathtub is turned over and its level is checked. Please note that level measurements are made strictly diagonally.

Choosing furniture for the bathroom layout

Part of the room is occupied by plumbing with water pipes. Therefore, they often resort to unusual forms of designer furniture and hanging elements in order to make the most of the remaining space.

As a rule, bathrooms with a small area have less space than bathrooms that are spacious. There is not enough space for a variety of household appliances and furniture. However, there are options for a suitable environment for them too.

Small room

The furniture set for a small bathroom is limited to a few storage items. The size of the room is visually increased by selecting decoration and furnishings in light colors with a minimum of decorations.

For small bathrooms, large mirrors or glossy furniture fronts are recommended. Above the plumbing fixtures are placed cabinets (open shelves), a water heater, and a dryer.

Expert opinion

Olga Kovalenko

Since 2010 I have been engaged in interior design and architectural design.

To save space, the space under the sink is often used, where there is often a cabinet or washing machine.

Instead of a bath, some owners install a modern shower stall.

Floor furniture is placed close to the bathtub. To protect against moisture, you can install a plastic or glass partition between them.

Narrow bathroom

Some tips for decorating small rooms apply to rooms where the length exceeds the width. Here, objects are often placed along the walls.

Also in such a room you can place corner furniture and install a sink built into the cabinet. Tall, shallow cabinets and shelving will fit into such rooms.

Expert opinion

Olga Kovalenko

Since 2010 I have been engaged in interior design and architectural design.

It is recommended to make furniture doors sliding rather than swinging - then they will not interfere with free movement around the room.

Do not overload the space with a large number of objects. Additional places for necessary things can be organized under the sink, above the plumbing.

Bathroom with window

The design and arrangement of furniture in a room with a window depends on where it faces: to the street or to the next room. In the first case, it is customary to use the opening as an additional source of lighting and ventilation.

Expert opinion

Olga Kovalenko

Since 2010 I have been engaged in interior design and architectural design.

Original stained glass can be inserted into the frame if it is compatible with the design style.

If the window is not intended to be opened, it can be covered with a decorative screen. Some bathroom owners make doors on window openings and install narrow shelves inside the resulting niche for storing household chemicals and care products.

A large room

It's easy to implement many ideas in a spacious bathroom. You can purchase for her a set of several cabinets, cabinets, with a table and mirrors. Often, owners choose a spacious bathtub and install it at some distance from the walls.

Only small pieces of furniture do not look good in a spacious room. It is better to avoid them, since they will be barely noticeable against the background of the others.

Bathroom: types of equipment

Standard set of modern bathroom equipment

When considering a modern bathroom, we can highlight several basic items that must be present: a bath or shower and a toilet. Everything else is left to the discretion of the owners. Bathroom equipment such as:

  • bath;
  • wash basin;
  • additional shower;
  • bidet;
  • cabinets;
  • pencil cases;
  • mirror;
  • washing machine;
  • boxes for linen and small items...

All of these are universal household items, but they are not always present in a complete set. Although any housewife will try to furnish the bathroom as best as possible, there is no need to create an overabundance of equipment and furniture, the room should be as convenient and comfortable as possible for use.

Sink selection

A washbasin for a bathroom should be purchased taking into account the layout and design. From a variety of options, you can choose a convenient one that fits into the overall picture.

The sink is:

  • on a stand;
  • hanging;
  • built-in

In a small bathroom, a washbasin is often installed, built into the cabinet. This piece of furniture is needed to hide pipes under the sink and store things. It is desirable that the color and style of the cabinet match the rest of the furniture in the room.

Expert opinion

Olga Kovalenko

Since 2010 I have been engaged in interior design and architectural design.

You can save space in a small room by installing a sink above the bathtub.

Storage system

The dimensions of furniture used for towels, household chemicals, hair and skin care products should be determined based on the area of ​​the room. Most often installed in the bathroom:

  1. Shelves: straight or corner. Needed to supply bathing products and cosmetics.

  1. Cabinets with shelves or with drawers (some with a built-in sink). They usually store supplies of cleaning products for the bath and toilet.

  1. Cabinets: floor or hanging. Items that are rarely used are hidden in closets.

  1. Mirror. An accessory that is often placed above the washbasin. It is attached to the wall or to the cabinet door. With this product, if the lighting level is sufficient, there is no need to install an additional lamp.

Expert opinion

Olga Kovalenko

Since 2010 I have been engaged in interior design and architectural design.

It is necessary to take care of the stable position of floor items, good attachment to the walls of hanging cabinets, shelves, and mirrors.


Everything is agreed upon before drawing up the design project, since it will be impossible to change anything in the future. Measurements are made of the width and height of walls, doorways, and a place for pipes, ventilation holes, toilets, and cabinets are outlined.

The latest amendments are decided by taking into account the number of people living in the house, the presence of small children or elderly people, the frequency of guests visiting the apartment and the location of the washing machine.

If in a large family you combine the bathroom and toilet in one area, then a lot of disputes and conflicts will arise. The space is expanded by a storage room, a corridor and a combination of a toilet and a bathroom. For all this, both material and physical costs are required, as well as the need to coordinate changes in the authorities.

The bathroom renovation is done either on your own or with the help of a designer - he will develop a 3D visualized diagram and give ideas for the design of a modern bathroom.

Furniture style

The choice of furniture style depends on the design of the bathroom. For example:

  1. For classics, beautiful bathroom furniture is made of wood. The presence of many details and mirrors is welcome.

  1. Models with shiny facades are suitable for high-tech.

  1. Furniture that looks like antiques looks good in country style.

  1. For a fusion style that combines different colors, textures, and materials, items of different modifications are suitable. The bathroom will be bright and unusual.

If the store does not have furniture that meets your needs, it can be made to order.


For a bathroom decorated in cool colors, it is recommended to purchase furniture in warm colors. And against the background of light walls, bright or contrasting (dark) furnishings stand out well.

Expert opinion

Olga Kovalenko

Since 2010 I have been engaged in interior design and architectural design.

You should not combine many colors in the bathroom: the variety of bright shades tires your eyes.

Beige, blue, brown furniture combines with the classic style. High-tech will suit white or gray. Fusion is characterized by bright colors.


The most common bathroom furniture is made from light or dark wood. It can be combined with different types of designs and looks beautiful.

The only drawback is that this material, without impregnation, quickly deteriorates from moisture and becomes moldy. Therefore, you should choose items treated with varnish.

Cheaper and less durable materials for making furniture are boards made from glued wood fibers and small shavings. They need careful treatment with water-repellent compounds.

Important! The facades of wooden furniture can be covered with paint, plastic, or film.

But metal furnishings are combined only with high-tech style. This material is also used to make fittings. The main requirement is corrosion protection and strength.

There is also modern plastic furniture. It is often installed in the bathroom if the design involves complex shapes. However, this material is less durable compared to metal and wood.

Some designers suggest decorating the bathroom interior with sinks, shelves, and cabinet doors made of glass. The downside of the material is the difficulties that arise when washing and removing dirt and drops.

Work planning

Installation of a bathtub occurs in several stages, some of them are general, while others are included depending on the material of manufacture of the equipment itself.

  1. Preparing the room;
  2. Bath preparation;
  3. Assembly of the siphon group;
  4. Bath installation;
  5. Connection of drain fittings;
  6. Decorative design.

If the bathtub is metal, then the second point is omitted. The installation procedure itself is not complicated, but care is required when working with small parts. The main difficulty lies in connecting the siphon group.

There are two options for performing this action

  1. Make connections before installing the bathtub in its place. This is much easier, because access to the drain holes is not limited. And the process itself can be controlled visually. But during installation, you will need to be extremely careful not to damage the installed fittings. Considering that the bathtub is a large and heavy item, this is problematic.
  2. Place the bathtub in its place and level it. Only then connect the siphon group. The complexity of the process is seen in the fact that the work must be done by touch. It is impossible to see from both sides of the bathtub at once. But in return, the installer is able to handle the tub more freely.

We also recommend reading about PVC panels for the bathroom. This is an economical and quite aesthetic option for finishing the walls in the bathroom.

The second option seems more preferable. After all, anyone can brush their teeth with their eyes closed, without getting the toothbrush past their mouth. Therefore, we will focus on the second method.

For the work of installing a bathtub, installers charge 1500-2500 rubles. And the work there, with the base prepared, will not take more than half an hour. Therefore, we recommend installing the bathtub yourself.

Photo of modern bathroom furniture

The furnishings in the room for water procedures should not only be combined with style, but also be practical and functional. The photo shows examples of furniture arrangement in the bathroom.

The furniture must match the design and color scheme of the bathroom. It is important that the models are made of materials that can not deteriorate for a long time from high humidity.

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