Corner furniture for the bathroom - review of the best models and tips on how to choose the right corner furniture options (110 photos)

Often the bathroom is not very large, but you have to store quite a lot of things here. In order to use the space as functionally as possible and not overload it with small details, it is best to use a closet in which you can hide all the necessary things and objects. The designs of cabinets can be different, but they must meet the main requirements, including: aesthetically attractive appearance, functionality and resistance to high levels of moisture.

Types of structures and selection of materials

High humidity in the bathroom, temperature changes, the need to meet hygienic standards - all this places special demands on the accessories and fixtures that will be installed there. Modern bathroom cabinets fully meet these criteria.

They can have different designs:

  • open - without doors or with separately mounted shelves;
  • closed - equipped with reliable doors, curtains or hermetically sealed drawers;
  • combined - with the joint use of closed and open cells.

To make cabinets original, manufacturers provide a wide variety of door designs. They can be of standard geometric shapes, broken, folding or sliding.

Several solutions are also used for access - from the front side or from the end. At the same time, the mounting method itself gives a wide range of choices:

  • mounted;
  • built-in;
  • with separate installation;
  • with installation of plumbing equipment and fixtures in the structure.

Bathroom cabinet designs

By design, bathroom furniture is divided into:

  • open (cabinet without doors, separate shelves);
  • closed (with doors, drawers, curtains);
  • combined, where there are open and closed storage modules.

The doors can be broken, like those of old trolleybuses and buses, folding, hinged, sliding, double. Access to the cabinet can be done both from the front side and from the end (there are built-in cabinets where the doors open on both sides, for example, simultaneously into the bathroom and toilet). The design of the cabinet largely depends on the materials that were chosen for its manufacture.

Types of materials for manufacturing

The possible design of bathroom cabinets is determined not only by the wishes of the manufacturer or customer, but also by the characteristics of the material used for the arrangement. If you want your cabinet to last a long time, avoid materials that are susceptible to the damaging effects of water.

Chipboard and laminated chipboard are considered the least resistant to such influence. Products made from MDF will be more reliable. In order to increase moisture resistance, this material must be coated with special varnishes and treated with water-repellent compounds. It is with this treatment that these cabinets are allowed to be used in wet areas.

Some manufacturers present models made of durable plastic. Such samples are quite functional, compact and hygienic. But glass or metal are used to a greater extent for finishing already manufactured samples.

Features of operation and rules for caring for bathroom cabinets

When installing a built-in wardrobe in a bathtub, learn to take care of it in advance. This way you can significantly extend his life:

  • Take care to remove the niche from all sources of splashes. This way you will reduce the risk of shelves swelling and heaving. The risk of destruction of the niche lining (most often plasterboard) is also reduced;
  • Do not use abrasives for cleaning. Even coating materials that are resistant to them will lose their appearance. The rest will simply stop performing their functions, starting to let moisture in;
  • Protect all cuts well with edging or multi-layer varnish. If there is noticeable damage, do not hesitate to make cosmetic repairs;
  • All elements of movable fasteners (holders, brackets, hinges) experience heavy regular loads. Do not weigh down the doors with unnecessary decorations. Let good things happen in moderation. If rust is found on the fasteners, clean with lubricant. In case of severe damage, it is better to install new ones;
  • Provide ventilation. This will reduce the risk of mold or damp smell.

Which option should I choose?

Bathroom furniture can decorate any room. But the choice for small rooms is somewhat limited. It is necessary to choose those options that best suit both the overall design and the availability of free space.

Choosing the best option for spacious bathrooms is not difficult - there are many types of cabinets, both in design and in the method of fastening and placement.

Hanging models

A wall cabinet is used in a bathroom where the entire floor covering is already occupied by accessories and fixtures. This solution will help you save limited space as much as possible.

Hanging products vary in size and design. They can be placed above the sink, bathtub or on any free space on the wall. They are very comfortable and will fit perfectly into any interior.

You can hide a lot of useful things in it, preventing the accumulation of accessories in an open space. But at the same time, you should avoid placing heavy objects to avoid breakage.


Before purchasing furniture, you need to decide which items are needed and mentally distribute them to their places in the bathroom.

Lockers located in the corner

Not every floor or wall cabinet can fit into a small bathroom. But the corner cabinet can fit into any interior. It not only allows you to conveniently place all the necessary hygiene items, but also decorates the interior of the room. Well, if your washbasin is also located in the corner, then this solution will be the most optimal.

This design has a large useful volume without taking up the necessary space in the bathroom. Additionally, the lack of corners can be a beneficial feature in reducing the risk of injury when showering.

Bathroom furniture modifications

Bathrooms in houses and apartments vary greatly in layout and size. In this regard, the industry produces a variety of cabinet models to suit every taste and budget. Floor cabinets can be equipped with legs or casters. There are cabinets that stand alone, and there are also those that are built under the washbasin.

A cabinet under the sink allows you to neatly organize your essentials.

There are models that are attached to the wall - hanging. It can be either just a storage cabinet or a combined model equipped with a mirror and open shelves. It is logical to place such a piece of furniture directly above the washbasin for ease of use of the mirror and hygiene products.

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Pencil case

The internal volume of such a cabinet is much larger than that of other pieces of furniture. This is convenient because you can place many items there that clutter up the bathroom space. The product includes a container for washing, towel racks, and shelves for household chemicals. The pencil case occupies a small area and does not require much space, although it is significantly elongated vertically or has a large height. The depth of such a cabinet should not exceed four hundred millimeters; the width can vary depending on the dimensions of the room and the design idea.

The pencil case will become the optimal storage system for spacious bathrooms

In terms of placement, the pencil case can be either floor-mounted or hanging. A cabinet hanging on the wall is more convenient in terms of cleaning. The optimal model is a not very tall pencil case with one door. The height can be very different - from 150 centimeters to two and a half meters. Such models have serious advantages, primarily due to their design features.

In the case where the bathroom area allows it, it is better to take a larger cabinet. The optimal design would be a door made of glass or mirror, which will visually make the product less massive. It would be a good idea to equip the very bottom of the pencil case with a folding door behind which you can hide a container for dirty laundry.

Washbasin cabinets

This type of furniture is very functional - a cabinet under the sink will allow you to disguise the drain siphon and water hoses. In addition, there is enough space inside to store a large amount of things. The models of such cabinets are very diverse in size and can be equipped with a countertop, doors, shelves and drawers. There may be a stationary trash bin inside.

Custom-made furniture fits even small bathrooms

Hanging cabinets above the washbasin

The cabinet above the sink in the bathroom is a very functional piece of furniture, especially in apartments of typical Soviet-era construction. You can put a lot of important little things there without sacrificing the usable area of ​​a small room. These cabinets can be equipped with solid or glass doors. The facade of such a product can be completely mirrored. Wall cabinets can be additionally equipped with open shelves and pull-out sections. They are also often equipped with additional accessories - lighting, grilles, baskets, stands, hooks or rails for hanging towels.

Wall cabinets are usually equipped with lighting and a mirror

Lockers in the corner

As a rule, corners in any room are empty. But placing a large cabinet in a small bathroom is quite problematic. But today manufacturers offer a wide range of corner products. Such designs will be an ideal solution for small bathrooms. A similar cabinet in tandem with a corner washbasin will look original.

Corner furniture will save space in compact bathrooms

In large rooms, a cabinet in the corner will also be appropriate, since often the joints of the walls remain unoccupied, and by choosing a corner hanging cabinet that suits the style, you will not only decorate the bathroom, but also become the owner of a convenient and practical storage system.

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Such models have a number of undeniable advantages, primarily due to the design that allows them to be placed even in the tiniest rooms.

Some tips when choosing

You can choose any design you like, focusing on the presented photos of the bathroom cabinet. But some recommendations should be taken into account:

  • Choose models that match the overall style of the bathroom.
  • Strive to harmonize the color match with the walls or other pieces of furniture.
  • For glossy walls, a cabinet with a similar effect is suitable, but more textured walls will look good with a wooden cabinet decorated with drawings.
  • Consider the spatial orientation and layout of the bathroom.
  • Choose functional models.
  • Focus on the quality of the material and manufacturing technology, as well as the potential durability of operation.

Without a well-chosen cabinet, a bathroom design cannot be considered complete. This piece of furniture not only has important functional significance, but also helps to significantly decorate the appearance of the room and make it original.

Installation of suspended systems

Hanging a cabinet in the bathroom is not that difficult. The main point where you may encounter some difficulties is the correct marking for fasteners. Moreover, there is no fundamental difference in the technology of installing a simple mirror, a straight cabinet, a corner cabinet or a pencil case.

Plastic furniture is the most budget option

First of all, you need to determine the height at which the structure will be placed. This usually depends on the height of the cabinet itself and the distance from its bottom plane to the sink (most often it is sixty centimeters). At the selected height, using a building level, a horizontal line is struck, and the distance between the brackets attached to the hung box is marked with vertical marks. At these points, holes are made using a hammer drill or impact drill with a Pobedit or diamond drill.

A little advice - before drilling the wall, drill through the glaze at low speeds so as not to split the tile. Then use a hammer to hammer in the plastic plugs. Metal hooks or screws are screwed into them, on which the cabinet will hang.

In conclusion, we can say that the bathroom cabinet, photos of samples of which we bring to your attention, is a very important piece of furniture, and its choice must be approached with all responsibility. An important criterion is not only the quality of the product, but also the dimensions of the room, its layout, as well as the interior design and color scheme.

Polymer materials make it possible to produce furniture of any color and shape.

High-quality fittings will increase the service life of the product

The surface of plastic furniture can imitate wood and other materials

Today, bathroom furniture design delights with a variety of decor.

White furniture is suitable for a Provence style interior

Plastic furniture is not afraid of moisture, but can withstand light weight

Products made from MDF and chipboard are inexpensive and of fairly high quality

Wooden furniture will bring coziness to the bathroom interior

Luxury wooden products will decorate the interior in the Baroque style

You can choose a model of any color

Corner furniture will save space in compact bathrooms

Wall cabinets are usually equipped with lighting and a mirror

Custom-made furniture fits even small bathrooms

The pencil case will become the optimal storage system for spacious bathrooms

A cabinet under the sink allows you to neatly organize your essentials.

A corner pencil case will help you rationally use the bathroom space

Suitable furniture will highlight the successful design of the room

Classic style furniture is always popular

An abundance of glass and chromed metal is characteristic of the high-tech style

Plastic furniture is the most budget option

Photos of bathroom cabinets

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