Bathroom in lilac color - is it worth choosing this color scheme?

A purple bathroom is a rather bold design decision. The idea is unusual, but at the same time original.

First, let's look at all the pros and cons of such an idea.

The purple shade is not a neutral color scheme. Its influence on the human psyche is compared to the effect of red tone. A purple bathroom design adds strength and vitality.

Every morning after sleep, a person goes to this room, which is why lilac shades are so relevant, because they can set a person up for the rest of the day.

Advantages of a purple shade for the bathroom

Owners of a purple bathroom are least likely to experience depression. Scientists have proven that bright color helps treat cardiovascular diseases.

If you compare purple with another color, the lilac palette of shades is the most diverse. It can also be combined with each other to create a modern and unusual interior.

The combination of lilac and purple with other colors

You need to combine colors in the interior wisely, emphasizing the advantages of both tones. Popular color partners for purple:

  1. Neutral tones: white, gray, beige, cream. Complement any shade of purple, adjusting its depth and saturation.
  2. Pink. Emphasizes the depth and expressiveness of lilac tones, creating a relaxing atmosphere.
  3. Red. A contrasting color that can be used to highlight accents.
  4. Green. Cold variations for a calm, cozy atmosphere, while bright and warm ones enhance the effect of luxury from purple.
  5. Blue. A related color that does not create a sharp contrast, harmoniously emphasizing the grace and coolness of lilac tones.
  6. Orange, yellow. Used when you need a contrast between warm and cold shades.
  7. Brown. Combines with purple in eco or country style bathrooms, where the emphasis is on simplicity and naturalness.

It is not recommended to combine purple with smoky, ashy shades; they make it look blurry and nondescript. You should be careful when combining it with black: it is easy to make the interior gloomy and uninviting.

Disadvantages of purple in the bathroom

A purple bathroom also has a number of disadvantages. The first thing to note is that perception is difficult, especially if irritable and hot-tempered people live in the house.

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If your bathroom is small, then using a rich lilac tone can make the room visually smaller. This is where the whole difficulty of using bright color lies.

To avoid any doubts, you need to have an idea of ​​the elements of such a tone, as well as its ideal proximity. In our article on the photo of a purple bathroom, everyone will find a suitable interior design option for themselves.

Varieties of purple tones

Variants of purple are used in bathroom design. Some of them:

  • lilac;
  • glycine;
  • violet;
  • lavender;
  • bilberry;
  • orchid;
  • amethyst;
  • cyclamen;
  • purple;
  • blackberry;
  • grape;
  • eggplant;
  • plum;
  • wine;
  • smoky purple;
  • Charoite

Shades differ from each other in color warmth, saturation, and brightness. They are able to influence both the mood and the external perception of the room in different ways.

Finishing materials for bathroom decoration

If there is a lot of purple, then the simplest and most economical option is paint. Before finishing the walls, they are leveled using waterproof material.

No less popular use of tiles. Purple bathroom tiles are sold in any construction supermarket. To achieve a stylish look in the bathroom, several types of tiles are combined.

Bathroom textiles

It is impossible to do without accessories, because they serve to decorate and give the image, in this case the interior, individuality and a special zest. In a lilac bathroom, accessories can be towels, curtains, curtains or other, less useful decorative elements. In terms of colors, you need to focus on the shades that were used in the cladding. If the room is close to light colors, then it is natural that the towels and curtains will be several shades darker. If, on the contrary, colors close to violet were used for the walls and floors, then the accessories should be highlighted against the general background using a light palette.

In a separate bathroom, the toilet floor is covered with a rug. It is very beautiful and convenient, but not always hygienic. The same is true in the bathroom - buying a floor mat should be conscious. Often, for ease of use, the rug is textile and has a large pile. Since the bathroom is a fairly humid room, all moisture, splashes and water will linger on it. Poor ventilation promotes mold growth.

The ideal combination of purple shade with other colors

A purple bathroom goes well with white tones. By combining two of these colors, the room will become voluminous and delicate.

The use of these colors is suitable for the Provence style, which is in great demand today. The lilac shade also looks good in combination with beige or gray. The only color you shouldn't use is black.

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Psychological effects of lilac color

Looking through photos of lilac bathrooms in catalogs, it’s hard to tear yourself away, but before deciding to create such a design, you should definitely weigh the pros and cons. A prerequisite will be to clarify how a given color will affect the psyche of the person inside.

Psychologists have come to the conclusion that this color helps to raise a person’s self-esteem. But only on condition that it is used in doses in the interior. Otherwise, you can achieve apathy.

This shade also has a number of qualities such as the ability to stabilize the nervous system, improve vision, relax and calm.

Important! Lilac decoration of the room helps to make it visually larger, which is very valuable for cramped bathrooms.

Mirrors and lighting

Light sources in the bathroom in purple should be good, but not bright. The noble tones will be emphasized by soft lighting.

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Only in the classical direction a central chandelier is needed, in others only a few lamps are enough. It is possible to use sconces.

An important interior item is the mirror. In a purple bathroom it performs the main function, but also decorative. The choice can be made even in favor of the most daring mirror solutions that will be appropriate in the overall interior.

An excellent option is a Venetian mirror with a rich frame and delights; pay attention to the photo of a purple bathroom with such an accessory. It will be a great addition to the design of a purple bathroom.

Rotating mirror, very convenient for the female half. It will fit into modern style. A mirror with a pendant will add more light. With its help, the atmosphere will become more romantic.

How to correctly use purple color in interior items and plumbing?

  1. Cabinets and dressing table. Light shades of purple will visually increase the space of the bathroom, while darker and more saturated ones should be used only in a bathroom where there is good lighting.

Lilac furniture in harmony of space

  1. Tabletop. For this piece of furniture, light shades of purple are mainly used. But the original countertop in a matte purple tone will add a sensual note and extraordinary contrast to the bathroom interior.
  1. Bath, toilet, washbasin. These bathroom items come in a variety of shades of purple, depending on the design and style.

Advice: when buying purple sanitary ware, you need to pay attention to the fact that the shades and tones of purple may differ from different manufacturers, so you need to buy a set (washbasin, toilet, bathtub) from the same manufacturer.

Color harmony

Advantages and disadvantages of this tone in design

Purple in the design of rooms has the following advantages:

  • goes well with many companion flowers;
  • creates accents without looking vulgar or provocative;
  • Suitable for many styles;
  • combined with plant and marine themes;
  • creates a sensual, relaxing atmosphere;
  • can be used as a main (calm, muted, smoky tones) and additional color;
  • associated with wealth, makes the room seem more expensive and luxurious.

Disadvantages of this tone:

  • visually narrows the room, not suitable for small rooms;
  • can cause lethargy and lethargy, so it is not used where a person spends a lot of time (only as an additional color);
  • If used incorrectly, it can make the atmosphere in the room cold and gloomy.

The severity of the strengths and weaknesses of purple in the interior depends on the literacy of its use. Proper lighting, combination of shades, arrangement of objects in the room and the use of other design techniques will help highlight the advantages and hide the flaws of color.

Decorative elements for a purple bathroom

Decorations for the bathroom should create accents or highlight the features of other interior elements. As decor for a purple bathroom you can use:

  • beautiful soap dishes, glasses for toothbrushes, jars for hygiene products can be selected by color and harmoniously placed on the shelves;
  • decoratively designed coasters, towel hooks, taps, hoses, shower heads in golden or silver tones will give the bathroom an expensive, luxurious look;
  • candles, bathing bombs, handmade shaped soap are suitable for a bathroom in any style and color scheme;
  • mirrors are a traditional bathroom decoration that visually expands the space;
  • stones, shells, wooden or stone figurines and other natural elements will complement the room, made in eco-style;
  • glass and metal decorative items can be used in a bathroom in modern or high-tech style;
  • fresh flowers (lilacs, violets, crocuses, irises, hyacinths, orchids) will add freshness and liveliness to the interior;
  • small decorative lamps throughout the room instead of a ceiling chandelier will help decorate the bathroom while adjusting the level of lighting.

Unlike decoration, furniture and plumbing, bathroom decor can be changed at any time. Therefore, you should not be afraid of experiments and bold decisions.

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